About My Blog

TheaterThe purpose of my blog is pretty straightforward. I love, love, LOVE movies. I love watching them, making them, reading about them, talking about them, and writing about them. When I decided to start a blog for the express purpose of cataloguing my experiences as a film buff, I wanted a catchy but simple title for my blog. My wife suggested the moviegoer.com. I thought it was perfect. It was simple, direct, and referenced one of my all time favorite books, Walker Percy’s 1961 The Moviegoer. The book even provided me with the perfect tagline for blog. Having decided on a name, I immediately went online to claim the blog domain themoviegoer, only to find out it was already taken by two different blog host sites. The peculiar thing about this though was the fact that neither blog had anything to do with movies. One was the publicity page for a guy in Dublin running for a local public office. It had one post that was seven years old. The other was a journal for a three month trek across Europe. The blogger didn’t even finish documenting the first month. What was I to do? All I can say is, “Thank god for the hyphen.”

So, with my blog site claimed, I was ready to begin sharing my thoughts on movies, new and old. I’ll update regularly with current films. But I also plan to revisit some old favorites. There will be categories devoted to particular directors, genres, and actors. I’ll share my thoughts during awards season. I may also occasionally plug a book about some aspect of film. Unlike the two similarly named blog sites, this blog will always be about film. What I hope to do more than anything is to open up a conversation about movies with fellow movie buffs, so please comment, send suggestions, or offer your own takes on any of the films discussed. I’d love to hear from you.


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